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Naked Bacon Featured On KDSK Recipe Of The Day

Naked Bacon Featured On KDSK Recipe Of The Day

Lexi Linsenman recently joined the morning crew at KDSK St. Louis to share a healthy, Whole30 compliant on the Recipe of the Day segment! Her simple and delicious Sweet & Savory Slaw recipe is made with wholesome, healthy ingredients like chicken, apples, cabbage, carrots, pistachios, and of course, Naked Bacon!

“Have you ever heard of bacon on a diet? This bacon is quality... Naked Bacon is a local company here in St. Louis. It has no nitrates, no sulphates, and no added sugars,” says Lexi.

You might be wondering what it means for the dish to be Whole30 compliant. In the most basic terms, it means it doesn’t contain sugar, artificial additives, dairy, grains, or legumes.

Those following the Whole30 eliminate those food groups for a time to cut down on inflammation and figure out how your body responds to certain food groups. Says Lexi, “You’re getting down to the basics of good, whole nutrition.”

And that’s what Naked Bacon is all about. Our bacon is made with only a handful of simple, whole ingredients.

The only ingredients in Naked Bacon? Pork, Water, Sea Salt & Spices. That’s it!

Best of all, Naked Bacon is 100% Whole30 Approved!

What does that mean? Not only do the product ingredients meet the restrictions of the Whole30 diet, but our company meets the high standards and shares the same values of the Whole30 brand. Naked Bacon proudly has the official stamp of approval from the Whole30 team!

Watch Lexi’s recipe come to life from start to finish in the full segment here:


The full Sweet & Savory Slaw recipe can be found on our Recipes Page and our Whole30 Approved bacon can be found on our Shop Page.

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Lexi Linsenman is a health and fitness advocate and passionate about whole foods. She is currently pursuing studies to be Registered Dietician. Follow her on Instagram @chefff_lex or visit her website for tips, recipes, inspiration and more on healthy living!