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Q: Is it true that mass-produced bacon secretly wishes it tasted as incredible as Naked Bacon?

A: Yes. Yes, it is.

Q: Did Great Grandpa Kreilich really exist?

A: Yes, his name was August Kreilich, and he truly did exist. He formulated the original Naked Bacon recipe after arriving to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri from Germany in 1861.

Q: Germans were good at making bacon? I thought Germans were known for wearing lederhosen.

A: That’s a bit of a stereotype.

Q: But they wear them in every movie I see.

A: True, however movies typically misrepresent the lederhosen occasion, choosing to feature them in festive atmospheres versus its actual role as a durable garment intended for hard, physical labor.

Q: Stereotype? I don’t know, you sure seem to know a lot about lederhosen.

A: Well, I mean, sort of, but it’s not like we wear them a lot. Next question.

Q: If Leonardo da Vinci was so smart, how come he didn’t invent Naked Bacon?

A: Because Great Grandpa Kreilich was smarter. Who’s the renaissance man now, Leo?

Q: Can Naked Bacon be used as an air freshener?

A: Yes, simply place two cooked strips in any location that lacks that wonderful smell of Naked Bacon.

Q: Are there really no chemicals in Naked Bacon?

A: No chemicals, that means no nitrates, nitrites, phosphates or artificial ingredients of any kind. There’s nothing in Naked Bacon that ends with an –ate or an –ite. As far as we’re concerned, those –ates and –ites can go –uck themselves.

Q: Since Naked Bacon was first created in 1861, is it true that one bite will make me feel like an 1800s pioneer?

A: Reactions vary, however many of our customers have reported a sudden desire to build a cotton gin.

Q: I just ordered Naked Bacon, how long must I wait to taste its Nakedy goodness?

A: Orders are shipped within five business days of being received.  Some orders placed after Wednesday are shipped the following week.

Q: So it’s Naked. But what’s its nutritional info?

A: We're glad you asked.  Check out our nutritional section.