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Ceo Honored In Top 10 Entrepreneur Stories Of 2019

Ceo Honored In Top 10 Entrepreneur Stories Of 2019


When you think about an entrepreneur, you probably think of someone who thinks outside the box, who pushes boundaries, who innovates, and who challenges the status quo. That precisely describes Naked Bacon Founder & CEO John Kreilich. As part of their Entrepreneur Story series, MO SourceLink recently shared the story of John with their readers.

John says, “I wanted to make bacon the way it’s meant to be—without nitrates, phosphates and other chemicals.”

But that wasn’t necessarily an easy task. Some grocery store buyers didn’t understand the value of healthier, clean bacon. His challenge was not just to create a higher quality product than any other that existed, but also to change people’s beliefs about the demand for a better product on the market. You can read the full story here.

MOSourceLink rounded up their list of Top Entrepreneur Stories from 2019, and their story on Naked Bacon CEO John Kreilich was featured again.

Congratulations to John, and thank you for sharing your story and inspiring other people to pursue their entrepreneurial goals!

You can learn more about Naked Bacon’s story and check out the full line of bacon and sausages made without sugar or nitrates on the Shop Page.