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Naked Bacon Featured On Fox2 News

Naked Bacon Featured On Fox2 News

Naked Bacon founder John Kreilich joined Reshaunda Thornton of Better Vessel Nutrition on Fox2 to talk about health, nutrition, and of course, bacon!

When asked about the inspiration behind Naked Bacon, John said, “Both of my grandparents had farms growing up… so I learned from a very young age how to raise animals naturally and how to cure and smoke meats. I had this idea.. there’s not a healthier, better tasting bacon on the market, so we make our bacon without sugar, without nitrates, we have less fat and less sodium.”

“It’s naked for a reason. Nitrate are basically a preservative… it damages your cells and causes cancer, so that’s what distinguishes his product from most products you see at the stores,” added Reshaunda.

Together the friends cooked a few healthy recipes using Naked Links and Original Bacon. Watch the full video here!