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Cover Feature: The Natural Food Exporter Magazine

Cover Feature: The Natural Food Exporter Magazine

Naked Bacon was featured on the cover of the Fall 2018 edition of The Natural Food Exporter Magazine, the leading international trade magazine for the U.S. food and agricultural exporter. The magazine, founded in 2006, concentrates on emerging markets and areas of the world that are aggressively looking to import from the United States. It serves 12,000+ international readers in over 50 countries and provides the most comprehensive information on new markets and commodity updates on important food products here at home.

Publisher James Molzen writes, “over $400 billion worth of organic and natural food items were sold last year, according to data from market research firm Nielsen. With our health and wellness issues now catching up to the world at large... it’s safe to say that natural/healthy foods have a bright future in the country near you.”

The Naked Bacon feature went on to say, “Knowing that our food choices each day affect our health; how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future, bacon is usually one of those foods that doesn’t fall into the healthy eating category, until now. Through proprietary traditional curing methods and secret ingredients, Naked Bacon is one of the few pork bacon companies with the nutritional characteristics of 44% less fat and 25% less sodium than your normal bacon, which has been approved by the USDA!”

It continued, “There is no question that bacon is a tasty treat and [Naked Bacon] is on a mission, not just for bacon lovers, but for everyone to have the chance to enjoy and include bacon as part of their healthy diet… not just a cheat-day indulgence.”

At Naked Bacon, we know that our bacon can be part of a balanced, whole foods, and clean eating diet, and we’re out to share that with the world!