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Offers and Discounts_ The Terms & Conditions

Back by popular demand, we’ve decided to offer our Free Bacon (or Links) and some other miscellaneous promotions from time to time. Now we know you’re excited to hear that, but try to keep the cheering down, because we’ve got some info about it that we want to share!

We keep the dates of these super special sales as secret as our 150 year old bacon recipe, so you’ll definitely want to be sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, that way, you’ll be the first to know when we announce it.

Because if you miss it, you miss it, and you’ll just have to cry yourself to sleep knowing you came oh so close to scoring a discount on your Naked Bacon.

And when you get the email, you know it’s go-time. Just follow the instructions in your email to take advantage of the deal — and hurry and make your purchase!

How to get the deals

  • Some deals do not require a code to redeem them. If there’s no code needed, you’ll automatically see “Free Bacon Day” or “Free Links Day” display with a 1 cent discount when you check out. That means you’ll automatically get a complimentary package included with your shipment!

  • You will need to input a code to take advantage of some deals. If you need to input a code, you can enter and apply in the “Gift or Discount Code” box during the checkout process. Once it’s entered, you’ll see the offer display immediately.

The Terms

  1. Discounts and other offers are not valid on purchases of gift certificates, subscriptions, or tee shirts.

  2. Two offers can’t be combined. You’re welcome to take advantage of any other promotion we may be running at the time of your purchase, but if you enter a separate or second coupon code at checkout, it’ll replace the first offer (whether or not you had to enter a code to begin).

Do you have questions? Let us know & we’ll be happy to answer them! Always feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram at or