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Naked Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Naked Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Springtime has officially arrived here in St. Louis, so we’re outside most nights, firing up the grill for dinner! These Naked Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are super easy to make and a total crowd pleaser.

It’s no secret kids love bacon, so it makes sense that when you wrap one of the most kid-friendly foods ever (hot dogs) with Naked Bacon, they go absolutely berserk! For extra fun, print out this B is for Bacon worksheet, and make it a whole delicious/educational activity.

We truly believe everything is better once it’s wrapped in Naked Bacon. Okay, maybe don’t wrap your remote control, or your shoes, or your grandma. But pretty much every food on earth will be better once you wrap it up in our Whole30 Approved, all natural, sugar free bacon!



Serves 4

1 package of Original Naked Bacon
8 all-natural hot dogs
Optional: Buns, Mustard, Ketchup, Sauerkraut, Relish

1. Preheat your grill to medium heat.
2. Take one slice of bacon and gently wrap it around one hot dog. Use a toothpick on each end to secure the bacon in place.
3. Grill the hot dogs over medium heat, turning gently once the bacon begins to crisp on each side. One the bacon begins to crisp up as it cooks, it will retain the shape and stay wrapped around the hot dog. At that point, you can remove the toothpicks carefully to avoid them from burning on the grill.
4. Set aside and allow to cool slightly, then serve with your favorite toppings and sides!

We recommend serving with a Sweet + Savory Slaw.