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Naked Bacon Wrapped Filet

Naked Bacon Wrapped Filet

So, do you love steak? How about bacon? Of course you do... they're both amazing (if you don’t, seek help). We don’t eat the food that our food eats.

Here is a recipe to put together one of the best bacon wrapped filets money can buy and it's probably better than any steakhouse filet. “Why?” you ask. Because it’s wrapped in Naked Bacon™, enough said!


Coat filet with olive or grapeseed oil

Add a pinch of sea salt, coarse black pepper and garlic salt to both sides

Sear all sides of filet in skillet to seal in juices

Wrap the filet with a strip of bacon of your choice (see our options in our store)

Secure the bacon with a kitchen string or toothpicks

Place in convection oven at 450 degrees until desired doneness


There you have it, a Naked Bacon™ wrapped filet! It’s amazing, delicious, bacony, awesome and many other adjectives that need not be explained.