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Crostini Naked Blt W/ Sharp Cheddar

Crostini Naked Blt W/ Sharp Cheddar


Naked Bacon! I used Jalapeño to make them a bit spicy.

Crostini Bread

Baby tomatoes


Toasted Sesame-Ginger Bacon Arugula Spread...It's just soo good!

Sharp Cheddar


Fry up Naked Bacon.

Prepare your crostini on a baking sheet or broiler rack. 

Chop baby tomatoes, shred cheese, and cut lettuce to fit on crostini.

Layer up crostinis with delicious toppings! 

Arugula spread, lettuce, tomato, Naked Bacon, and Cheese!

Layer up the crostinis with all the delicious toppings! 

Toss in the oven or broiler until cheese is melted!

Eat warm and yummy!!