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Creamy Turnip & Bacon Soup (Dairy Free)

Creamy Turnip & Bacon Soup (Dairy Free)

Here is St. Louis, it’s officially time for all the creamy soups… topped with Naked Bacon, of course! This recipe is perfect for any healthy eating plan (Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Weight Watchers are more), because all Naked Bacon products are made without sugar, sweeteners, nitrates, or anything artificial. We used the No Sugar Added flavor in this soup, but it’d be just as tasty with our Original or Chipotle bacon, too. The choice is yours!

1 package No Sugar Added Naked Bacon 
3 lbs turnips, peeled and chopped
3 Tbsp. ghee
4 large onions
1 clove garlic 
8 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1 cup compliant almond milk (optional) 
1 small bunch parsley
salt & pepper to taste

Sauté the bacon in a large, heavy bottomed pan until crispy. Remove the bacon, allow to cool slightly, chop into bite sized pieces and set aside.

Peel and roughly chop the turnips and onions, and mince the garlic.

Melt the ghee in the pan, and add the vegetables. Sauté just until softened, then add in the broth.

Bring it to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer until all the vegetables are tender, about 20 minutes.

Transfer the soup to the blender in batches and blend until smooth and creamy.

Stir in the almond milk if using, and season to taste with salt and pepper. Top each bowl with crumbled bacon and parsley.

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Recipe courtesy of Cook At Home Mom.