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Meet our CEO

Meet our CEO


Meet Naked Bacon’s Founder & CEO, John Kreilich (Instagram @JohnKreilich). Learn more about him, his story, and his vision in our interview with him_

Tell us about your inspiration to start Naked Bacon_
Both my grandparents had farms and I grew up learning how to raise animals the traditional way and cure and smoke meats with recipes going back to my great grandfather who came to Missouri from Germany in 1861. Our bacon tastes like no other on the market due to our recipe being only
known to our family and is also the healthiest on the market.

How would you describe the culture of Naked Bacon?
Welcoming, laid back, outdoorsy, delicious, and fun. Our customers are great people; they’re into health and wellness, but still laid laid back and at peace with themselves. That’s how I try to position our brand as well.

Where do you see Naked Bacon headed?
We see ourselves providing the best tasting healthiest bacon to everyone in the U.S. and beyond. No one should be deprived of what has been voted the best bacon on the market by Food and Wine Magazine and just featured
on the Today Show. We have been on trade trips to Europe, Asia, and South America so far to expand our availability to international consumers. We see the trend in other countries following the clean eating lifestyle which we feel is only a few years behind the U.S.

How do you like to spend your time?
I love to travel the world! I really enjoy surfing, but I’m not that good yet. I’m pretty good at paddle boarding and then I like to snorkel. I enjoy hiking, too -- I hiked the Napali Coast, which is cool. I want to do some spearfishing the next time I’m in Hawaii.

Quick Fire Bacon Questions

  • Your current favorite Naked Bacon flavor?
    Such a hard question! Either Jalapeno Sugar Free or Chipotle Sugar Free

  • Do you prefer Naked Bacon with Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?
    All day! There’s never a wrong time to enjoy Naked Bacon.

  • Favorite method to cook your Naked Bacon?
    Depending on my time, skillet or oven

  • Favorite drink to go with Naked Bacon?
    Black Coffee, I am purist!

  • What is your favorite recipe with Naked Bacon?
    Naked Bacon’s jalapeno bacon and eggs.


Do you have other questions for John? Leave them in the comments below!