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Four Tips for Healthy Living

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It’s September Whole30, so you probably know at least one person currently taking on The Whole30 right now. We know you love seeing your friends make healthy changes in their lives and in their relationships with food, and perhaps you’d like to do the same some day. But if right now isn’t the right time for you to do The Whole30, you can still take steps towards improving your health!

Whole30 Coach Shani is sharing four steps you can take, one at a time, toward your goals. Conquer them at your own pace, and before you know it, you’ll be feeling like a rock star and ready for your first Whole30!*

Tip 1_ Eat Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Tips for Healthy Living - Naked Bacon Co

Tip 2_ Drink Water

Tips for Healthy Living2 - Naked Bacon Co.png

Tip 3_ Sleep

Tips for Healthy Living 3 - Naked BaconCo.png

Tip 4_ Movement

Tips for Healthy Living 4 - Naked Bacon Co.png

So there you have it!

Master eating whole, unprocessed foods, drinking water, sleeping, and movement, and you’ll be on your way to feeling your best!

Speaking of whole, unprocessed foods….

Be sure to check out Shani’s Whole30 Bacon Ranch Dip, featuring Whole30 Approved Naked Bacon! It’s the perfect healthy snack or appetizer that’s sure to please a crowd, too!

Bacon Ranch Dip Whole30 - Simple Whole Paleo.jpg

Coach Shani is a great resource for all things health, wellness, and Whole30, so be sure to head to her website to learn more!


Whole30 Certified Coach Shani Hiraoka

Shani is the founder behind the blog “Simple. Whole. Paleo.” which focuses on simple cooking techniques using whole ingredients and eating mostly Paleo. She has spent a lifetime fighting her own obesity, and failing at practically every diet available.

The Whole30 has helped her release the cycle of diet failure, guilt, and calorie restriction, and learn to eat what nourishes her to achieve her health and fitness goals. She’s located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Connect with her through her blog or on Instagram.

*Please note_ Neither Shani or Naked Bacon are medical professionals, so please consult with your physician prior to making any changes to your lifestyle or diet.