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Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Healthy At Home

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Written by Gabriel Patel

If you’ve noticed some extra inches on your mid-section since you started self-isolating, you’re not alone. With constant access to the fridge and not much to keep busy, it’s no wonder that people are noticing they’ve gained weight during isolation. With some planning and motivation, you can get rid of the extra weight by changing your snack options in budget-friendly ways and adopting some easy at-home exercises.

Healthier eating

Between working from home and cancelling all social activities, there’s suddenly far more time spent at home for most people. Many of us tend to snack when we’re bored or at home all day, and if you’re loading your pantry and fridge with salty or sugary snacks, it’s likely that your snacking is adding to your waistline.

Luckily, your snacking doesn’t have to be eliminated altogether_ rather than reach for a bag of potato chips, come up with some healthy meal options with items you probably already have in your pantry, such as legume quesadillas. To make a healthy quesadilla, use tortillas, a low-fat or vegan cheese, and a can of beans. Consider baking the quesadilla rather than frying it in order to cut down on calories.

Another healthy option is an “empty-the-pantry-stew” which can be made from various cans of beans, tomato sauce, soup stock, and potatoes. There’s hardly a limit to what can go in this type of soup, and you’ll be clearing out space and saving money by using ingredients you bought back when you first stocked up for self-isolation.

If you have a loaf of bread on hand, consider making a soup and sandwich combo. Any can of soup will do, and when paired with a sandwich such as grilled cheese, can be a hearty and nutritious snack or meal. You can add a sweet and savory coleslaw—made with Naked Bacon, which is chemical-free—to include veggies in your meal.

Home exercises

Some gyms around the country have started reopening, but there are inherent risks to using them. If you’d prefer to keep isolating, there are plenty of exercises you can do from the comfort of your home.

For example, yoga is an excellent option for a low-impact exercise that can be done in your living room. There are plenty of online yoga teachers who provide free videos, which can be great for your budget and for the convenience factor. Check out some popular online teachers and find an instructor whose classes are easy to follow.

Another great option is body weight training. The exercises aren’t overly complicated, and usually involve activities such as push-ups and squats. You don’t need any major equipment, making it a budget-friendly way to work out at home.

One of the easiest forms of working out is walking or running around your neighborhood. If you’re new to running, it’s a good idea to start off slow and with short distances. Slowly increase your speed and distance each time, and you’ll see results quickly. Consider running or walking with a family member to make it more social, or take advantage of the solo-time if you need to clear your head.

While the pandemic has forced many of us to be more sedentary than usual, it’s possible to shave off those self-isolation pounds with some tweaks to your diet and by exercising more. Consider making healthier snacks and meals, cleaning out your pantry at the same time to save money. Try out some home exercises, and look into online classes to get started. And be sure to use coupons when you look for workout gear and clothes to stay within your budget.

Gabriel Patel helped create Health Well Wise to help inspire others to find health and happiness in their lives.