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The Truth About Nitrates - Naked Bacon On Dr. Oz!

The Truth About Nitrates - Naked Bacon On Dr. Oz!

On The Dr. Oz Show titled, “The Truth About Nitrate-Free Bacon,” Dr. Oz discussed the problem with nitrates, a common additive to most bacon and known carcinogenic (cancer causing agent). If you’re a bacon-lover, you’d be right to be very concerned! But do you have to give up bacon for good? Dr. Oz says no! Because a truly nitrate-free bacon, Naked Bacon, is on the market.

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Nitrates are carcinogenic, meaning they’re known to cause cancer. So why do big bacon companies use nitrates?

Investigative journalist Mark Schatzker answered this question, saying, “Time is money. This is one of the reasons the industry loves nitrates - it speeds things up. It also gives it that nice pink color, it also extends your shelf life. So it basically makes life easy.”

But Naked Bacon doesn’t use any shortcuts when we produce our bacon, especially not one that puts our customers’ health at risk!

Mark went on to look at some uncured bacon option that use more naturally occurring nitrates, those found in celery. He said, “When you add nitrates to meat, it forms compounds called N-nitroso compounds, and those are the suspects. If you’re using nitrates in celery, or chemical nitrates, it’s kind of the same thing.. so from a risk point of view, I don’t think this is any different.”

So don’t be fooled by marketing tricks, bacon companies that use nitrates of any kind should be off the table (literally). Dr Oz responded with, “Don’t go for this anymore, guys.”

Naked Bacon doesn’t use nitrates. Does it still taste good?

Yes! Naked Bacon is famous for its “you’vegottatrythis” taste. We were even voted Best Tasting Bacon by Food & Wine Magazine. To impart the most flavor possible, we use our family’s 150-year old secret recipe to cure the bacon by hand for a minimum of seven days, then we slowly smoke it over only fruits and hardwoods. But don’t just take our word for it.. read what Dr. Oz had to say when he tried it:

Dr. Oz introduced Naked Bacon by saying, "No one wants to give up their bacon... but there are healthier ways to enjoy it. We're going to start off with new truly nitrate free bacon that is entering the marketplace right now. These are dry cured over a week's time.. The taste to me is very similar. It’s really good the way it is. I'd be okay with the switch by avoiding any potential risks. So no matter what anyone says, I think you ought to be trying out these new ideas."

"The crunchiness is there, the pull is really nice. I really like it!" added a guest.

Dr. Oz enjoys a taste of Naked Bacon!

Thank you, Dr. Oz, for helping to educate Americans about the truth when it comes to bacon, and for sharing that there is a truly nitrate-free bacon option available, Naked Bacon. Watch the full clip here.

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