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Naked Bacon Limited Release: Bourbon Barrel-aged Bacon

Naked Bacon Limited Release: Bourbon Barrel-aged Bacon

By now you’ve probably heard about our upcoming limited-release bacon flavor. You’re on the edge of your seat, waiting to learn more about exactly what it is and how you can get it. Well, you’re not alone! Jaws have been dropping and mouths have been watering all across the country ever since we announced it. We’re excited that you’re excited! So we’re here to tell you a little more about the new, highly anticipated limited release baconBourbon Barrel-Aged Naked Bacon. We sat down with Naked Bacon CEO John Kreilich to get a little more info for you! Keep reading:

Q: How is this new limited release bacon made?

John: Well… we can’t release all of our secrets, but we’ll cure it using a special small-batch bourbon by hand using slow, traditional methods. Then we age it in Bourbon Barrels to impart even more flavor. In the same way Bourbon’s flavor is refined when it ages in oak barrels, the bacon will take on some of the notes of flavor from the bourbon-soaked oak wood. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever had before, because we’re the first bacon company to do this, ever. Just consider us the first micro-distillery of bacon!

Q: Is it still sugar-free and lower in fat than other bacon? 

John: Yes! The bacon will still be completely clean, 100% sugar-free, and all that good stuff. Like all Naked Bacon products, we never take shortcuts or use nitrates, phosphates, or any gross stuff to make our bacon. You can trust us that this product is held to the same, ultra-high standards.

Q: Can you please make it a permanent part of the Naked Bacon line of products? 

John: For now, the plan is a just one-time release. This bacon is made in super small batches and is very labor intensive, but never say never! We can definitely see about adding it to the permanent line of Naked Bacon products… and even partnering with new distilleries for each release!

Q: Has any other bacon companies ever done this? 
John: Never, nada, nope.

Q: Okay, I’m dying to get my hands on some. HOW??

John: Because we’re only making a small batch of this bacon, we’re keeping its release date a secret and only offering the chance to buy it to our best customers, a select few members of the exclusive Bacon Club. If you’re in the The Club, you’ll be entered into a lottery to win the purchase rights as soon as it becomes available… but you only get to purchase the bacon if you WIN the lottery drawing.

*To become a member of the Bacon Club, you must have spent at least $300 in the last 6 months on our website… so keep ordering and you might just get the chance to buyBourbon Barrel-Aged Naked Bacon!

Remember, our online shop is always open, so head there to make sure you’ve hit the mark to be in the club!!