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Naked Links Breakfast Croissant Sandwich!

Naked Links Breakfast Croissant Sandwich!

We Love Breakfast Sandwiches!! Love them! So, when we created the most Delicious! SPiCy! LoCal! and ...Pretty Healthy ;) combination, we knew it must be available for all to experience! 

The following are guidelines to creating this scrumptious delight! 

To Create Euphoria:

  • Naked Links (as seen above) Check the website for locations selling our Links! 
  • Fresh Local Greens! We had a mix of baby swiss chard, arugula, spinach, and other green yummies! 
  • SPiCy Cheese!  This is important.  Cheese quality changes all experiences.. Look for Chili Pepper Cheddar Cheese by Milton Creamery... Absolute The Premium of Cheese!!
  • Croissants!! Local Saint Louis Companion Bread makes Fabulous Croissants! If not in St. Louis, use your Local Baker and Keep It Local!! 
  • Optional: Hot Sauce, Chives, Garlic, Dark Lager, Cayenne

Once you have collected your necessary items, the fun begins. Follow these instructions and your enlightening experience will soon follow.

  1. Prep Naked Links
    1. Slice links lengthwise and pan fry in cast iron skillet.  Use a bit of a dark lager, cayenne, and garlic to create a bit of spice and sweet flavor. 
  2. Slice Croissant like a bagel
    1. On one (or both!) sides of croissant shred your cheese.  Optional: Add chopped chives and/or garlic slices under cheese for extra yummy!
    2. Place each croissant piece in the broiler or a hot oven until cheese is melted to your specifications.  We like it a little toasty-brown... yumyum!
  3. Rinse Greens, chop if desired.
  4. Layer Up Your Awesome Breakfast! Croissant, Cheesy Goodness, Naked Links, Hot Sauce (if you can handle it!!), Greens and fancy Croissant top! 

  1. Consume and Euphoria will ensue.