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Naked Bacon On KSDK News

Naked Bacon On KSDK News

Our friend Lexi Linsenman recently joined the crew at KDSK News here in St. Louis as a guest on the Recipe of the Day: Home Edition segment!

Like many of us, she’s been stuck home for months, trying to limit trips to the grocery store and working around grocery shortages. Despite all the barriers, she found a way to enjoy one of her favorite comfort foods, pizza!

Lexi wrote a wonderful recipe for delicious pizza dough, using just TWO ingredients that she had in her kitchen!

It’s unbelievably easy to make the dough and it’s super versatile, too! You can cook it in the oven, on the grill, or in cast iron, and you can top it with any of your favorite pizza toppings.

One of Lexi’s favorite pizza toppings? Naked Bacon, of course! She made her pizza with homemade tomato sauce, goat cheese, Original Naked Bacon, and fresh herbs.

Watch the full segment, and get the pizza dough recipe along with many other delicious, healthy recipes on our recipes page!