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Naked Bacon, Now On Amazon!

Naked Bacon, Now On Amazon!

At Naked Bacon, we’re on a mission to bring our sugar free bacon to people all across America! To help us on our mission, we recently launched on Amazon and so far, the response has been amazing! What does that tell us? People really want healthy, delicious, sugar free and nitrate free bacon. And you know what? We are more than happy to give it to them!


Don’t worry — Of course, our online shop will always be open at, and you can find our Whole30 Approved bacon at select Targets, and at other retailers nationwide, too!

But be sure to hop over to our Amazon store to stock up on your favorite Whole30 Approved bacon and sausage, and while you’re there, will you leave us a review about your experience with Naked Bacon? More reviews help others in their decision making process, and it helps us on our mission to keep spreading the BACON all across the USA!