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Veterans Day Giveaway Winners

Veterans Day Giveaway Winners

This Veterans Day, we wanted to show our thanks to those who’ve proudly and bravely served our country. We told our followers that we’d like to choose TWO to win a sampler of our bacon. Then we asked them to share a photo nominating their favorite Veteran, and to tell us why they love them. The response was overwhelming!

Thank you to all those who participated in the Naked Bacon Veterans Day giveaway! We randomly chose two winners to take home a prize bundle of our all-natural, nitrate free bacon. Here they are:

Caleb was nominated by his wife, Kelly. She calls him a Ron Swanson-type of guy who always orders all the bacon when they’re out at restaurants. She calls him, “the absolute greatest human on this planet… kind, respectful, generous, and determined.”

Sherry nominated her husband and three children, all veterans! Together, they’ve served a combined 50 years in the military. Her husband served in the Coast Guard, her daughter in the Air Force, and her sons in the Army. They plan to enjoy the bacon together when they’re all home for Christmas.

Remember to check out our all-natural Naked Bacon line of products! If you didn’t win this time, please stay tuned (and follow us on Facebook and Instagram) - we’ve got more fun planned!