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Product Spotlight: Naked Links

Product Spotlight: Naked Links

At Naked Bacon, we’ve gotten pretty good at keeping secrets. Okay, we actually only keep one secret — the recipe for our spice blend that’s been passed down through our family since 1861! But here’s something that we can’t keep under wraps, and frankly, we don’t want to! Naked Links breakfast sausages are the best, healthiest breakfast sausages out there. Made using only all natural ingredients, their flavor just can’t be beat. And since they’re packed in gourmet casings, every single bite has a great snap to it!

Like all of our products, Naked Links are made without sugar, sweeteners, nitrates, phosphates, and chemicals, so they’re great for your Paleo, Whole30, Keto, AIP (no nightshades, either!), and healthy eating plans. Get YOUR links in your next order of our popular bundles - like the BYO BLT, a completely customized box of your favorite Naked Bacon products.

Check out some of the DELICIOUS ways our friends & fans are enjoying Naked Links:

The Castaway Kitchen thinks Naked Links are great all on their own!

Cook At Home Mom makes a Whole30 compliant veggie & links frittata!

Melissas Healthy Kitchen made the perfect complete breakfast!

The Sophisticate Caveman made a paleo version of a full Irish breakfast!