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Bacon Friends: Addison From Organically Addison

Bacon Friends: Addison From Organically Addison

We’re sitting down with our friend Addison LaBonte from the popular healthy recipes blog Organically Addison to talk a little bit about her background, cooking routine, and of course, bacon!


You seem to really know your stuff. Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got started sharing healthy recipes on your blog?

I've always been super active and into sports and I played Division 1 college soccer.  After college, I decided to start running distance and I began to notice the link between eating healthy and how I felt running.  After going gluten free (due to Compartment Syndrome), I decided to start sharing my recipes online so others who are gluten free could get some new ideas and recipes.  Since then, I've really enjoyed creating new recipes in my kitchen.  After coaching my dad through a Whole30 and see it change his life, I became passionate about living and eating Whole30. 

Living a healthy lifestyle can seem like, well… a lot. What advice would you give to someone just starting to make healthy lifestyle changes?

My advice to those new to eating healthy is to start small and make small changes at first.  It can be scary making a lifestyle change, but every little bit counts.  I also think having an accountability partner or friend can make all the difference!

Can you share your thoughts on indulging in cheat meals?

I don't really believe in the concept of "cheat meals" because I like to achieve balance through my daily eating.  As opposed to eating healthy all week and then having one cheat meal on the weekend, I like to eat mostly healthy every day with one or two sweet treats.  I can rarely go a day without dark chocolate, and to me that's just enough.

Life is busy for everybody, and that’s one reason people’s progress gets derailed. How do you make sure you stay on track when life happens?

I like to be prepared for when life happens by meal prepping and always keeping healthy foods on hand.  On Sunday afternoons, I spend a few hours in the kitchen prepping healthy meals for my busy week.  Unfortunately sometimes serious life matters can happen, and I think we just have to deal with those as best as we can.  Life is unpredictable and as much as I prepare, sometimes other things in life become much more important than meal prep.

Okay, last but not least…. what’s your favorite flavor of Naked Bacon, and your favorite way to eat it?

I really love the Original Naked Bacon!  It sears up beautifully and has such a hearty flavor.  I love bacon alone, but I also enjoy adding it to soups and stews as well.  I recently made a Whole30 Bacon Cheeseburger Skillet and I think that one takes the (Whole30) cake!

Check out some of Addison’s recipes on her blog and follow along on her Instagram page @organicallyaddison for more!