Shipping Information

Have questions about how we ship your order? We’re here for you!

We send all Naked Bacon products frozen and packed on ice packs inside a styrofoam cooler using Priority Shipping.

One of the unique things about dry-cured bacon like ours is that it’s naturally bacteria resistant (that's one of the reasons our forefathers made dry-cured bacon, because it preserves meat without refrigeration). 

The USDA allows for dry-cured, sliced bacon to be stored unrefrigerated for 10 days (See page 7 of the USDA Food Safety Guide)! So since all of our bacon is packed on ice for shipments, it will be perfectly safe to consume when it arrives to you, even if it isn't cold.

Simply refrigerate Naked Bacon for four months unopened, up to a month opened, or freeze it for a year, and enjoy!

*Please note: We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages once they are delivered. Any issues must be reported within 12 hours of delivery.

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