Amelia, the Naked Bacon Mascot!

A blog post that isn’t about bacon? Well, in a way it’s about bacon… because really, isn’t everything is about bacon? Naked Bacon, that is. When we found out that today is National Puppy Day, we just couldn’t let it go by without sharing about the newest member of the Naked Bacon family, our sweet Chesapeake Bay Retriever pup, Amelia!

Amelia wearing her Naked Bacon hat!

Amelia wearing her Naked Bacon hat!

She’s always the first one to come running whenever we’re cooking up Naked Bacon, so we think she’s crowned herself our official mascot! It seems her favorite flavor is Original Bacon, although it seems like it might be an even tie between it and our Sugar-Free Links (in fairness, that’s a tough choice to make for anybody!)… and can you tell we’re completely smitten with her?

Amelia snuggling with our CEO, John Kreilich!

Amelia snuggling with our CEO, John Kreilich!

We hope you’re celebrating the four-legged friends in your life who make every day so much fun! In the comments below, tell us about your furry friends!

Bacon Friends: Tracey of Whole Daily Life

Today we’re talking health and wellness with our friend Tracey Grant of Whole Daily Life. Tracey is a Registered Dietitian sharing whole food based nutrition and a holistic approach to wellness through her blog and Instagram. In her practice she specializes in autoimmunity, digestive concerns, and weight management, and is also known for sharing some amazing meal plans and delicious, healthy recipes! We asked her to share a little about herself, her philosophy, and of course, bacon!

Tracey grant.png

What is your health philosophy?

To me, health is the ability to live the life that I want from a bodily and mental/emotional standpoint. It is feeling strong, full of life, and able to go and do! It is also the freedom to indulge in foods that I love without guilt or fear, because I believe that food is both for nourishment and pleasure. I have experienced the power of food as medicine first hand through therapeutic diets, and that completely changed the way that I practice as a dietitian. Finding the balance between prioritizing healthy food and movement and also living to the fullest is the essence of health!

What inspires your cooking?

Nutrient density is my guiding concept! I like to pack as much nutrition onto my plates as possible by adding things like micro greens, herbs, ferments, tons of veggies, healthy fats, etc. I also love color, and creating a meal that has lots of colors, textures, and flavors is a dynamic and fun eating experience. Most of the time I tend to keep my meals pretty simple, but I do also love to get creative with new dishes! Traveling and experiencing local cuisine always leave me with plenty of inspiration as well. 

If you could go back in time 10 years, what piece of advice would you tell yourself? 

Gosh, 10 years ago I was still eating tons of processed foods and pulling all nighters in college. If I could go back, I would tell myself to chill out, create some routine, protect my sleep, and eat some real food! I would also tell myself to be more judicious with antibiotics. I relied on them a lot (and even requested them) growing up for things like simple respiratory infections, and my gut health has taken a toll because of it!

What is a regular struggle you face, and how do you overcome it?

One life struggle that I encounter regularly is creating work/life balance. I'm ambitious, and it's hard for me to say no to things that I see value in! It's easy for me to overcommit myself and end up feeling stressed or not getting enough rest, which I can always identify because I lose motivation and have a hard time actually getting things done. To help overcome this, I have created some boundaries around not working during certain hours of the day or while eating, as well as taking weekends off. I prioritize hiking and going to the farmer's market every weekend, and cooking and going on a date with my husband. Protecting my weekends has really helped me balance out the hustle of my work week! I'll also mention a health struggle that I deal with on a regular basis, which is managing my digestion. My gut has never been the same after a particularly potent round of antibiotics a few years ago, and I am continually experimenting to find how I can most effectively support my system. I LOVE good food, but I have to be judicious with my choices and how they will impact me. This is something that I'm still practicing, and is part of why I answered the first question the way that I did!

Who are your role models, and what do you admire about them?

I don't know that I have a specific person in mind, but I love the Italian and French cultures. In particular, I appreciate how mindful and attentive they are with their food, their emphasis on quality, and my perception (whether it's reality or not) of their slower pace of life! I have an upcoming trip abroad, so I've got travel on the brain :) Also, I don't know if I would call it a role model, but my celebrity girl crush would definitely be Emma Watson!

What's your favorite flavor of Naked Bacon and favorite way to eat it?

Original! It's the first one I tried and I've been hooked ever since. Honestly, I like it all by itself so that the flavor can really shine! I'll have it as a side to some soft scrambled eggs and a piece of GF sourdough toast with butter and cherry jam or some avocado and roasted sweet potato! However, I've also really been enjoying it as a BLT lettuce wrap with avocado, tomato, sprouts, and green onion.

These are just some of the amazing meals Tracey shares on Instagram! Be sure to   follow her   to get more of this delicious cooking inspo!

These are just some of the amazing meals Tracey shares on Instagram! Be sure to follow her to get more of this delicious cooking inspo!

The Truth About Nitrates - Naked Bacon on Dr. Oz!

On The Dr. Oz Show titled, “The Truth About Nitrate-Free Bacon,” Dr. Oz discussed the problem with nitrates, a common additive to most bacon and known carcinogenic (cancer causing agent). If you’re a bacon-lover, you’d be right to be very concerned! But do you have to give up bacon for good? Dr. Oz says no! Because a truly nitrate-free bacon, Naked Bacon, is on the market.

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Dr. Oz checks out truly nitrate free bacon, Naked Bacon

Nitrates are carcinogenic, meaning they’re known to cause cancer. So why do big bacon companies use nitrates?

Investigative journalist Mark Schatzker answered this question, saying, “Time is money. This is one of the reasons the industry loves nitrates - it speeds things up. It also gives it that nice pink color, it also extends your shelf life. So it basically makes life easy.”

But Naked Bacon doesn’t use any shortcuts when we produce our bacon, especially not one that puts our customers’ health at risk!

Mark went on to look at some uncured bacon option that use more naturally occurring nitrates, those found in celery. He said, “When you add nitrates to meat, it forms compounds called N-nitroso compounds, and those are the suspects. If you’re using nitrates in celery, or chemical nitrates, it’s kind of the same thing.. so from a risk point of view, I don’t think this is any different.”

So don’t be fooled by marketing tricks, bacon companies that use nitrates of any kind should be off the table (literally). Dr Oz responded with, “Don’t go for this anymore, guys.”

Naked Bacon doesn’t use nitrates. Does it still taste good?

Yes! Naked Bacon is famous for its “you’vegottatrythis” taste. We were even voted Best Tasting Bacon by Food & Wine Magazine. To impart the most flavor possible, we use our family’s 150-year old secret recipe to cure the bacon by hand for a minimum of seven days, then we slowly smoke it over only fruits and hardwoods. But don’t just take our word for it.. read what Dr. Oz had to say when he tried it:

Dr. Oz introduced Naked Bacon by saying, "No one wants to give up their bacon... but there are healthier ways to enjoy it. We're going to start off with new truly nitrate free bacon that is entering the marketplace right now. These are dry cured over a week's time.. The taste to me is very similar. It’s really good the way it is. I'd be okay with the switch by avoiding any potential risks. So no matter what anyone says, I think you ought to be trying out these new ideas."

"The crunchiness is there, the pull is really nice. I really like it!" added a guest.

Dr. Oz enjoys a taste of Naked Bacon!

Dr. Oz enjoys a taste of Naked Bacon!

Thank you, Dr. Oz, for helping to educate Americans about the truth when it comes to bacon, and for sharing that there is a truly nitrate-free bacon option available, Naked Bacon. Watch the full clip here.

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Veterans Day Giveaway Winners

This Veterans Day, we wanted to show our thanks to those who’ve proudly and bravely served our country. We told our followers that we’d like to choose TWO to win a sampler of our bacon. Then we asked them to share a photo nominating their favorite Veteran, and to tell us why they love them. The response was overwhelming!

Thank you to all those who participated in the Naked Bacon Veterans Day giveaway! We randomly chose two winners to take home a prize bundle of our all-natural, nitrate free bacon. Here they are:

Caleb was nominated by his wife, Kelly. She calls him a Ron Swanson-type of guy who always orders all the bacon when they’re out at restaurants. She calls him, “the absolute greatest human on this planet… kind, respectful, generous, and determined.”

Caleb was nominated by his wife, Kelly. She calls him a Ron Swanson-type of guy who always orders all the bacon when they’re out at restaurants. She calls him, “the absolute greatest human on this planet… kind, respectful, generous, and determined.”

Sherry nominated her husband and three children, all veterans! Together, they’ve served a combined 50 years in the military. Her husband served in the Coast Guard, her daughter in the Air Force, and her sons in the Army. They plan to enjoy the bacon together when they’re all home for Christmas.

Sherry nominated her husband and three children, all veterans! Together, they’ve served a combined 50 years in the military. Her husband served in the Coast Guard, her daughter in the Air Force, and her sons in the Army. They plan to enjoy the bacon together when they’re all home for Christmas.

Remember to check out our all-natural Naked Bacon line of products! If you didn’t win this time, please stay tuned (and follow us on Facebook and Instagram) - we’ve got more fun planned!

Veteran's Day Giveaway

To our Veterans: For your bravery and service, we want to take this time to honor you. You’ve chosen to put your lives on the line for others, and your sacrifice can never be repaid.

As our small way of saying thank you, we’re choosing TWO veterans to win a month’s supply of Naked Bacon.

Veterans Day-3.png

If there’s a Veteran in your life who would enjoy some FREE bacon (who wouldn’t?!), post a photo to Instagram or Facebook, and tell us why you love them. Make sure to use #nakedbacon and tag us so we can see!

Note: Two winners will be chosen 11/11/18. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Instagram. US only. By participating in this contest, you are giving expressed permission for the image to be reposted by Naked Bacon.

Bacon Friends: Megan from Second Heart Paleo

We sat down to chat with Megan from Second Heart Paleo. Megan is a heart transplant recipient and healthy cooking blogger from Texas. She shares more about her story in our interview with her below, PLUS a delicious recipe for Naked Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers over on our Recipes Page.

Megan Second Heart Paleo.jpeg

Can you share a bit about your story?

At age 14, I received a heart transplant. I was born with a congenital heart defect and had multiple open heart surgeries as a kid. In 2015, I began eating paleo and realized how amazing my body can feel with real, whole foods. In 2017, I was also diagnosed with Crohn's. It's made things a bit more complicated, but sticking to paleo has really helped me!

Other random things about me: I have a mini Australian shepherd named Gundy. I love Texas with all my heart. I attended Oklahoma State University (go pokes!) and received a degree in strategic communications. I have my dream job. I’m obsessed with kombucha and cold brew.

What is your health philosophy?

My health philosophy is do what works for you, and no one else. I know a lot of people hear about Paleo, Keto, etc. and think if it works for one person, it has to work for you too and it's not true. Do what makes your body feel its best.

What inspires your cooking?

Feeling my best by fueling myself with the best food possible. I've learned that 90% of the time, I can make whatever I'm craving into a paleo option...even if it's paleo ice cream or jalapeno poppers, there's almost always a way to make it better for you!

What's one thing you do that you would recommend to other people?

Be open to trying new things! Yogurt made out of cashews and chips made out of Cassava might sound crazy - but they're so delicious and great alternative if you can't have dairy/grains.

What have been your biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

My biggest challenge is probably giving into crappy food...when I feel like crap.

Who is your role model?

My brother! He's always done what he says he's going to do. Whether it's become a doctor, run too many marathons or move to Tahoe - he's always followed through!

What's your favorite flavor of Naked Bacon?

Chipotle! It has such an amazing flavor!

You can learn more about Megan's story on her blog,
Second Heart Paleo and connect with on her Instagram or Facebook pages.  

Award-winning Naked Bacon could be coming to a store near you!

Your food choices each day affect your health; how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Bacon is usually one of those foods that doesn’t fall into the healthy eating category, until now.

Naked Bacon produces gourmet, all-natural bacon with no nitrates, chemicals, phosphates, gluten, or water. Just in case you didn’t know ‘Nitrates’, which are often used as preservatives in processed meat, change into N-nitroso (compounds that promote cancer) in the meat and also in the gut when it is being digested.  Naked Bacon is also one of only a few companies in the country with Whole 30 approval for bacon and sausage.  (Whole30 is a national whole eating diet program with very strict guidelines.)

Through proprietary traditional curing methods and secret ingredients, our company is one of the few pork bacon companies with the nutritional characteristics of 44% less fat and 25% less sodium than your normal bacon which has been approved by the USDA! 

On May 26th, Naked Bacon will launch an IndieGoGo campaign that will run until July 25th.  During this time period, we hope to raise $75,000 that will be used to hire national food distributors and for advertising and marketing services to support the products during national distribution.  It is crucial that we hire these food distributors to get our products distributed to national supermarket chains across the country so more people can have access to the healthiest, best-tasting bacon available!

There is no question that bacon is a tasty treat and we are on a mission, not just for the bacon lovers, but for everyone to have the chance to enjoy and include bacon as part of their healthy diet…not just a cheat-day indulgence.